Feb 11 • 9M

Wine Saves Lives! Pod Ep 17 - Sin City & Cab Franc

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Wine SavesLives!, hosted by Steven Kent Mirassou - 6th-generation winemaker from the First Family of American Wine - takes you behind the cellar door to show you the bottomless magic of wine.
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Interior mural at Edo, the amazing tapas restaurant off the strip in Las Vegas

Exploring the idea that one can devote a lifetime to studying something (in my case, Cabernet Franc) and realize (happily) that one knows only the smallest bit about it. Art rewards passion and openmindedness…each time one shoves her nose into a great book or piece of art or glass of Cab Franc, she learns more about that thing, and - more crucially - about herself.

Exploration burns away biases and preconceived notions and makes us better people.

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