When you think you know music
I’m an emotional person, and the best of my wines are infused with the barely-contained love I feel every time I’m in the cellar. Today - rainy, gray…
Wine Saves Lives! Pod - Ep 18: A Long Weekend, Oregon Wine & Saying Goodbye to a FriendListen now (23 min) |
Perfection is unattainable...and...no one knows what it means anyway.
The wines of my earliest memories were the ones my family made. My father would store cases of Mirassou wines under the first tract house we lived in in…
Talking Cab Franc with Bo Barrett
Wine Saves Lives! Pod Ep 17 - Sin City & Cab FrancListen now (9 min) | Exploring the idea that one can devote a lifetime to studying something (in my case, Cabernet Franc) and realize (happily) that one…
Wherein we separate Cabernet Franc into 3 different wines, moves barrels all over the place, etc
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